Witness_Statement_DraftingA witness statement is a document that is used in court/tribunal proceedings to set out the evidence that the witness can give.  It is a formal document containing the details of that witness’ involvement in the matters in issue and can provide important background evidence as well as producing documents that the court/tribunal need to see.

The correct drafting of witness statements can be crucial to any case and making sure your witness statements comply with the rules and include all the relevant facts can sometimes be difficult when you are so involved in the case yourself.

We can arrange for one of our legal team to draft the witness statements on your behalf, saving you time and ensuring that you get the best out of the witnesses.


  • Name and contact details of the witness(es) who require statement(s) drafting
  • Any notes or first draft of witness statement(s) already made
  • A brief description of the legal position and case you are running
  • Deadline for completion or filing of witness statement(s)
  • Copies of any other witness statements already drafted
  • Copies of any exhibits/documents that need to be referred to by the witness and included in the witness statement


Provide you with a typed witness statement in the correct format containing all relevant information as gleamed from the paperwork and the details provided by the witness

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