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EXPLANATION OF ACTIONS Generally a Letter of Wishes enables you to explain why you have made the will in the way you have and why certain beneficiaries have been included and why others may have been excluded.

GUIDANCE FOR LETTER OF WISHES A Letter of Wishes can provide information and guidance on all sorts of different issues. Such as how to handle the assets and finances or dealing with the family business.

DISTRIBUTION OF SPECIFIC ITEMS Sometimes arguments crop up between beneficiaries over who gets certain items particularly if they have a special personal significance. A Letter of Wishes can provide clarification as to who should receive what item. However, any items of value however should be included in the will as separate legacies.

FUNERAL WISHES A Letter of Wishes can provide information about how you want your funeral to be organized including for example whether you want to be buried and/or cremated or what hymns and readings you would like at your funeral service.

CHILDREN If you have young children a Letter of Wishes can be an opportunity for you as a parent to state to the guardians you have appointed for your children, what arrangements you would like to be put into place in relation to the care, education and upbringing of your children.

VULNERABLE BENEFICIARIES If your will has made provision for a vulnerable person, maybe somebody who suffers from a physical or mentally incapacity, then a Letter of Wishes can provide guidance to their carer’s.

DISCRETIONARY TRUST GUIDANCE If a Discretionary Trust has been set up a Letter of Wishes can be used to provide guidance to the Trustees as to how your Trustees should administer and handle the trust money and in deciding whether to accumulate income, or whether to exercise their power to make payments to the beneficiaries under a Discretionary Trust.

TAX MITIGATION A Letter of Wishes can be used to explain why any particular tax arrangements have been set up and how they work and to inform and guide your executors and trustees on how to administer the estate assets in order to gain the best tax advantages possible.

CONFIDENTIALITY A Letter of Wishes is of course confidential during your lifetime. After your death a Letter of Wishes will not become a public document in the way your will would be if a Grant of Probate is obtained and generally a Letter of Wishes can remain confidential to the public at large. However, a Letter of Wishes would need to be disclosed if a beneficiary or potential beneficiary was alleging suspicious circumstances and challenging the will or making a claim against the estate.