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READ YOUR WILL VERY CAREFULLY You should read the will carefully to make sure that it complies with your wishes. If there is anything you do not understand then please let us know.

WITNESSES It is essential to have two witnesses present when you sign a will. It is important that neither witness is a person who is referred to in the will or is in any way interested in or might benefit from the provisions of the will.

SIGNING When your witnesses are present with you then you need to:

1. Write in words the date of signing in the spaces that have been left blank within the will.

2. Sign your name (using your usual signature) at the end of the will where indicated.

3. After you have signed make sure that each of the two witnesses present also sign the will where also indicated and that they print their name, address and occupation again where indicated.

ERRORS If there are any errors such as typing or clerical errors in the will then you should contact ourselves (if we have prepared it) and arrange for a corrected version to be prepared rather than proceeding to sign the incorrect document.

However if it is an emergency and you wish to proceed with the will, then any alterations must be made in black ink before you sign the will. Any alterations should then be signed or initialled by you and the two witnesses in the margin opposite each alteration.

MARKINGS Be careful not to mark the will in any way and please do not attach any paper clips pins or additional staples to it.