Adrian01Hello, My name is Adrian Chambers and I’m a solicitor with Law for Life. Welcome to our web pages relating to Wills. Making a will is one of those things that we know we should do but rarely get around to actually sorting out. We can help you make the will you want, using our on-line documents, quickly, easily and at low cost.

If you need legal help and advice about making a will then please call us on 0800 3 10 11 12 for a FREE NO OBLIGATION CHAT and we can arrange for one of our specialist solicitors to help and sort it all out for you.

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CALL US Call us for a free no obligation chat on 08003 10 11 12.   We offer two options of making a will either online or over the phone.

MAKE A WILL OVER THE PHONE Call us on 0800 3 10 11 12 and we will discuss your particular circumstances and take instructions over the phone.

PREPARATION OF YOUR WILL We will draft a will for your approval.

READ AND APPROVE YOUR WILL You can then check your draft will to see if it accurately reflects your wishes.

AMENDMENTS TO YOUR WILL We will then make any amendments you require and send a final draft out to you.

SIGNING YOUR WILL You can then print out your will and sign it in accordance with our signing instructions.

SAFE STORAGE OF YOUR WILL If you wish you can then return the will to us and for a small annual fixed fee, we will safely store the same for you.


Here are some reasons why you should make a Will:-

Make Sure Your Wishes Are Complied With  You want to be sure that your estate is properly distributed in the way that YOU want – not
by others.

Make Suitable Provision for Loved Ones A will makes sure that your family and friends are properly provided for.

Appoint Guardians for your minor children If you have young children you will want to make sure that the right people look after and care for your children.

Leave Legacies and Gifts For example gifts of money or valuables to your family, friends or charities.

Avoid Family Disputes You want to make sure that your loved ones don’t end up arguing or fighting over your estate…so why not make it easy for them with a Will?

You Select Your Executors and Administrators You want to be sure that the right people to look after your affairs after you have passed on.

Avoid Paying Inheritance Tax Nobody wants to pay tax. We can help advise and organise your affairs so that you pay
either no Inheritance tax at all or as little as possible.

Make sure Your Funeral Wishes are Carried Out You can state in your Will what funeral arrangements you want.

Accidents happen You could die at anytime. What would happen to your money, your property, and your belongings?