WORRIED ABOUT PAYING RESIDENTIAL CARE FEES? Have you ever considered what would happen to your home and savings if you had to go into residential care and pay residential care fees? Across the UK we face a national scandal with residential care fees that affects thousands of families every year. Hard working people just like you are having their savings, property and other assets being claimed by Local Authorities to pay for their long-term residential care fees.

HOW DO I PROTECT MY ASSETS FROM RESIDENTIAL CARE FEES GUIDE If you are worried about losing your assets then you may be interested in our How to Avoid Paying Residential Care Fees Information Guide to find out more about what action you can take to protect and ring fence your assets from being taken away from you to pay for residential care fees. Please click on the reasons listed below for more information about residential care fees.

TAKING ASSETS AWAY FROM YOU TO PAY FOR RESIDENTIAL CARE FEES IS SIMPLY NOT FAIR  The fact is you’ve worked hard all your life and shouldn’t have to use your assets to pay for residential care fees. You’ve paid your taxes and you’ve probably taken years to purchase your own home and build up a nest egg to see you through your old age. So why should everything you’ve worked hard for through your life to be built up and taken away by the Local Authority if at some point in the future you require residential care?

Sadly, there are many people who find their property and savings taken from them to cover the costs of Residential Care fees. If you’ve built up a savings nest egg, paid taxes and been a responsible, productive person – then why should the right to residential care be taken from you once you reach the point at which you need to access the benefits you’ve effectively paid for through your taxes in advance.

YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY SHOULD STAY WITH YOU NOT GO ON RESIDENTIAL CARE FEES  The bottom line is that sadly the Government apparently cannot afford to cover the cost of long term residential care fees for everybody. People like you who have always been decent and responsible – the hard working ‘backbone’ of this country, are the ones who often end up paying the price for their residential care fees. Do you want this to be you? You can take action to avoid this happening.

This shameful situation means that while the banks are bailed out and while we are propping up the European economy – decent hard-working people like you  are being asked to hand over their lifetimes savings and sell their property to cover the kind of residential care fees that in the past has been paid from their taxes through their working life’s!

Others who have been less responsible, and probably been in receipt of social security benefits and have never got a job and not saved money to see them through – they will probably end up getting their residential care fees paid for free! But people like you who have the decent thing and saved money are now sadly being stripped of the assets they accumulated throughout their working life’s to fund their retirement and pay their residential care fees.

We believe this situation is unacceptable – so we’ve been working hard to help ordinary people fight back against and win the right to retain control of their assets rather than paying for residential care fees!

FIGHT AND KEEP CONTROL OF YOUR ASSETS If you believe that the situation is not fair and that you should not have to hand over your money to pay for residential care fees – then we’ll help you to protect your hard earned savings, property and other assets.

We’re a company that specialise on asset protection for residential care fees – and we can help you shield your assets to ensure that you don’t lose your property and savings if you enter into residential care. We don’t do anything illegal or unethical to protect your financial position, we simply use the ‘loopholes’ that exist in the law to ensure that you keep your money if you require long-term care. It is all above board, but it is something the authorities try to keep quiet about, because it is counter-productive to their interests… It makes their job so much more difficult and it costs them money.