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SERVE A NOTICE Many time limits are deemed to run from the date of service of the notice documents and it will be important at court for you to be able to provide evidence on the point. Ideally you should serve the notice directly on the tenant by handing the documents into their hands in the presence of a witness – but this will not always be possible. The tenant may be actively avoiding service.

SERVICE OF DOCUMENTS If personal service of the notice is not possible then we suggest that you leave personally post the documents through the letterbox of the property in the presence of a witness. If as a last resort you are forced to rely on the postal service ask for a proof of posting from the Post Office counter.

PROOF OF SERVICE OF DOCUMENTS The service of the notice may become an important issue at court – being able to prove service may be essential if the tenant alleges that no notice has been received. We would strongly recommend that you arrange for personal service to be effected on the tenant either by you, someone who may be willing to serve the notice for you and provide evidence to the fact that they served the notice or if no one can be found, then use a professional process server.