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PROBATE When a loved one dies, emotions are obviously running high and it is difficult to keep a clear head and do the right thing. There are many administrative tasks that need to be carried out. These include registering the death, arranging the funeral, collecting in assets (such as bank accounts, insurance policies, personal possessions), paying debts and expenses (such as funeral account and outstanding loans), and eventually distributing the estate to the correct beneficiaries through a Grant of Probate.

WHAT IS A GRANT OF PROBATE? In order to legally deal with the administration of the estate it is often necessary for the person dealing with the administration of the estate, the Personal Representative, to apply for a Grant of Probate. Probate is a court order that gives formal legal authority to the Personal Representative to administer the estate including collecting assets paying debts and distributing the estate.

WHEN TO INSTRUCT SOLICITORS FOR A GRANT OF PROBATE In our opinion it is usually best to seek legal advice and delegate the work out to professionals in the following circumstances when applying for a Grant of Probate:

1. Children under 18

2. Property needs to be sold or transferred

3. The estate has a value of over £10,000

3. Different types of estate assets/debts

4. The estate may have complicating features

5. The estate may be insolvent

6. Inheritance tax may need to be paid

7. The deceased owned a business

8. Possible dispute or arguments

9. Any unusual circumstances.