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Welcome to our Law for Life web pages on Estate Administration and how to obtain a Deed of Renunciation.

Dealing with the legal administration of a loved one’s estate  is never easy. It can be time consuming, complicated and of course emotionally difficult. So if you would prefer not to get involved and would like somebody else to do this the you can make a Deed of Renunciation to give up your right to administer the estate.


WHY MAKE A DEED OF RENUNCIATION?  When a loved one dies, emotions are obviously running high and it is difficult to keep a clear head and do the right thing. There are many administrative tasks that need to be carried out. These include registering the death, finding and reading the will, arranging the funeral, collecting in assets (such as Bank accounts, Insurance policies, personal possessions), paying debts and expenses (such as funeral account and outstanding loans), and eventually distributing the Estate to the correct beneficiaries.

If you have the opportunity to deal with the administration of a loved ones estate (maybe having been appointed as an executor or are the deceased’s next of kin), and you do not want to act in this role, then you can use a Deed of Renunciation document to give up your right to administer the estate (but not your entitlement to a share of the estate).