Adrian ChambersHello, My name is Adrian Chambers and I’m a solicitor with Law for Life. Welcome to our web pages relating to Estate Administration. If you have suffered the loss of a loved one and need help in administering their estate and in obtaining Probate then we can help.

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Law_For_Life-EstatesOften there are all sorts of other matters going on following the death of a loved one, not least coming to terms with the death and going through the bereavement process. It often boils down to whether you and your family want to save some legal costs but expose yourself to potential stress, hassle and time that needs to be spent that can go with sorting out the administration of a loved one’s estate. You may find the whole process too overwhelming, complicated and upsetting and need help.

We can sort everything out for you from obtaining a Grant of Probate to administering the estate, giving you peace of mind knowing all the estate administration work is done for you both quickly, correctly and incurring relatively low legal costs.


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Easy to understand guidesWe at Law for Life have created a number of straight-talking, simple guides to help you tackle your own legal problems. Our guides are provided for information purposes only and the content contained within does not constitute full legal advice specific to your particular circumstances.


It may be that you have taken the case as far as you can on your own or that you just would feel more comfortable with one of our specialist team representing you. Whatever your reason, we can provide you with all the help and assistance you need to best present your case. We specialise in effective presentation and persuasive advocacy, using the rule of law and settled case law to guide the tribunal to the correct decision.

We can arrange for a Barrister or Solicitor to attend a variety of venues from simple applications to full trial/tribunals or finding of fact hearings.

Downloadable Legal DocumentsWe have various legal documents available for download. Details can be found on the individual pages. These documents are provided free of charge.

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