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ABSOLUTE DISCHARGE This is the lowest sentencing that can be imposed and means you will not actually be punished for the offence, although you will have a conviction on your permanent record.

CONDITIONAL DISCHARGE This sentencing can be imposed for a maximum of 3 years and means you are not immediately punished for the offence, but if you commit any new offences during the currency of the order you will be more severely punished and will be re-sentenced for the original offence and may receive higher sentencing.

FINE This is a financial penalty sentencing which will be calculated in accordance with your means and in accordance with the serious nature of the offence you face.

COMMUNITY ORDERS This type of sentencing includes;

  • Supervision
  • Unpaid work (old-fashioned community service) between 40-240 hours
  • Attendance Centre.
  • Curfew.
  • Drug Rehabilitation Requirement.
  • Residence
  • Prohibited Activity requirement
  • Specified Activity Requirement.
  • Exclusion Requirement.
  • Programme Requirement.
  • Alcohol Treatment Requirement.
  • Mental Health Treatment Requirement.
  • Imprisonment
  • Suspended Imprisonment
  • Extended Sentences
  • Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP)

ANCILLARY ORDERS This type of sentencing includes;

  • Restraining Orders
  • Anti-Social Behaviour Orders
  • Compensation order
  • Costs
  • Victims Surcharge
  • License Endorsement (Penalty Points)
  • License Endorsement (Disqualification)