Micalia01Hi, I am Micaila Williams. If you have committed or been accused of any criminal offence we at Law for Life can help you every step of the way. We provide straight talking, affordable and practical advice from specialist Solicitors and Barristers as well as full representation at the Magistrates’ or Crown Court.

We can also provide you with any forms/documents you need to complete the case together with DIY guides if you choose to represent yourself . Feel free to contact us now for more details.


BAIL If you have been granted bail it is important to know

  • your obligations
  • the powers the Police and the Court in granting bail
  • the powers of the Police and the Court in granting conditions
  • and the consequences of not complying

DO I HAVE A RIGHT TO BAIL? Yes. The rules state that you should be granted bail (except in cases of Murder and Rape) unless the Court/Police find substantial grounds to believe you will either

  • commit further offences whilst on bail
  • fail to surrender to custody
  • interfere with or obstruct the course of justice

SUBSTANTIAL GROUNDS HAVE BEEN FOUND Even if substantial grounds are found, consideration should be given to any bail conditions that could be imposed to protect against the concerns raised before going on to consider remand into custody.


  • Residence
  • Curfew
  • Non-contact conditions
  • Exclusion conditions
  • Surety

I HAVE BEEN GRANTED BAIL BUT DIDN’T GO TO COURT Once granted bail you are obliged to attend court on the date and time given otherwise you will be committing a further offence of FAILING TO SURRENDER TO BAIL for which you can be separately dealt with and sent to prison quite independently of whether or not you are guilty of the original offence.

I HAVE BEEN GRANTED BAIL BUT I HAVE BREACHED ONE OR MORE OF MY CONDITIONS Once granted bail you are obliged to comply with the conditions unless there is a reasonable excuse for you not to do so. If you breach your conditions, it does not mean you have committed a new criminal offence, but it allows the Police to arrest you and permits the Court to reconsider the issue of bail all over again. You risk being remanded into custody if the court feel that you cannot be trusted to stick to your conditions.

I WANT TO APPEAL A DECISION NOT TO GRANT BAIL Once a decision about your bail has been made you have two opportunities to Appeal to the Magistrates before then Appealing to the Crown Court. After this, you would need to present a “material change of circumstances” to the court.


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