Micalia01Hi, I am Micaila Williams. If you have committed or been accused of any criminal offence we at Law for Life can help you every step of the way. We provide straight talking, affordable and practical advice from specialist Solicitors and Barristers as well as full representation at the Magistrates’ or Crown Court.

We can also provide you with any forms/documents you need to complete the case together with DIY guides if you choose to represent yourself . Feel free to contact us now for more details.



AM I ELIGIBLE FOR LEGAL AID?  - Although many criminal matters are covered by Legal Aid (which means you either do not need to pay for any of your legal costs, or you only need to pay a contribution to your legal costs) there are many offences that do not meet the “interest of justice test” and there will be many of you that do not meet the “means test” as you earn a reasonable wage.

We understand that paying privately can sometimes be expensive which can add to the stresses and strains in your life. We therefore have produced some straight talking guides which you may find of assistance if you choose to represent yourself.

I NEED REPRESENTATION AT COURT - If you need someone to come and represent you at Court then please get in touch and we can make the necessary arrangements.

I NEED LEGAL ADVICE - If you need specific legal advice, please make use of our free 10 minute consultation or make arrangements to have tailored Legal Advice via email or telephone conference.

I WANT TO APPEAL AGAINST A CONVICTION - If you were unfairly or wrongly convicted or if you have been convicted in your absence and you are Not Guilty then you should consider an  to the Crown Court.

I WANT TO APPEAL AGAINST A SENTENCE - If you were unfairly or harshly sentenced or if you were sentenced in your absence and you feel hard done by, you should consider an  to the Crown Court.

CAN I GET MY LEGAL COSTS REFUNDED - If successful in defending a case against you, you should consider applying for your reasonably incurred

I HAVE BEEN CAUGHT DRIVING WHILST DISQUALIFIED - If you have been caught Driving whilst Disqualified you should consider whether you have a defence and how to run a trial. Or, how to plead guilty and obtain the best possible results.

I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE MAGISTRATES COURT PROCEDURE - If you are appearing in the Magistrates’ Court it is always helpful to know a little about the way things work.

WHAT ARE MY BASIC RIGHTS AT THE POLICE STATION - If you have been detained at a Police Station or are due to attend the Police Station it is important to know your basic rights.

WHAT IS BAIL? - If you have been bailed to attend the Police Station or to Court, it is important for you to understand your obligations.

FAILING TO TURN UP AT COURT - If you have been bailed, you MUST turn up to court, failing t0 do so is a separate criminal offence.

I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT SENTENCING (ADULTS) - If you are facing sentence in the Magistrates’ or Crown Court then it is always helpful to understand a little more about the kinds of sentences available to the court.

I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT SENTENCING (YOUTHS) - If you are facing  in the Youth Court then it is always helpful to understand a little more about the kinds of sentences available to the court.

WHAT POWERS DO THE POLICE AND THE PCSOs HAVE? - It is important to know the Powers of the  before you consider taking any action against them.

WHEN ARE MY CONVICTIONS SPENT? - If you have previously been convicted of a criminal offence, it is important for you to know if and when you have to disclose these convictions.

MAKING A STATUTORY DECLARATION - If you have been convicted/sentenced for a matter that you knew nothing about the easiest way of undoing it and starting again is to make a statutory declaration to the Magistrates.

HOW TO RECTIFY MISTAKES IN THE MAGISTRATES COURT - If a mistake has been made at any stage of the proceedings it needs to be rectified as soon as possible.  We will provide you with all the help and advice you need to rectify these mistakes.


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Easy to understand guidesWe at Law for Life have created a number of straight-talking, simple guides to help you tackle your own legal problems. Our guides are provided for information purposes only and the content contained within does not constitute full legal advice specific to your particular circumstances.


It may be that you have taken the case as far as you can on your own or that you just would feel more comfortable with one of our specialist team representing you. Whatever your reason, we can provide you with all the help and assistance you need to best present your case. We specialise in effective presentation and persuasive advocacy, using the rule of law and settled case law to guide the tribunal to the correct decision.

We can arrange for a Barrister or Solicitor to attend a variety of venues from simple applications to full trial/tribunals or finding of fact hearings.

Downloadable Legal DocumentsWe have a selection of Criminal Law documents available for download. Details can be found on the individual pages. These documents are provided free of charge.